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The Emporia Granada Theatre is a Spanish Revival theatre that was erected in 1929 in downtown Emporia, KS, and was restored to its original glory in 2008. While it is one of the top 10 venues in the state of Kansas, according to, its logo and identity didn't work in modern applications, such as websites, and they needed a strategy that would allow them to grow.

Our solution

Blast from the past

We created a brand strategy that discovered the theatre's unique attributes and wrote a positioning statement that differentiated the theatre from its competition. As part of the strategy, we created customer personas, a brand messaging architecture, competitive analysis of other venues, and created prioritized marketing and revenue goals.

With this information, we designed a new brand identity that was grounded in the historic roots of the theatre, but modern enough to be used elegantly on social media and on the theater's new website.

The Brand

The Emporia Granada Theatre's identity visually portrays the core values of the theatre; the history, the beautiful elegance of the architecture, and the excitement of a premiere. This identity is a visual shorthand for the Granada's customer's expectations.